Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Performance Stats

I've been logging my trades in excel for about 3 months now. I started on 6/5/07 and stopped to analyze the data on 9/6/07.

Over that 3 month period I made 15 trades. 10 of those trades have been profitable and have yielded me 55.75% in profit. My losses were 5 of 15 trades and I lost 34% in profit. Overall I ended up with 21.29% net profit in those 3 months with a 66% success rate.

My average loss was 3.75% but I had one big one at -19.52% so my results are a little skewed because of that.

I was averaging about 30 cents loss per share while I was averaging 21 cents profit per share. Basically what kept me alive was my consistency. The month of June and July were good to me then we started hitting august and the whole credit scare started to take off.

I need to keep my losses nice and low while keeping up with my consistency. If I do what I've been doing and don't deviate from my plan and rules, I should be ok.

Next 3 month update will be in December. It's going to be interesting to compare as I've gone through August and eventually September which are horrible trading months historically.


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