Thursday, September 27, 2007

Couple Consolidation Setups

I needed to take today off. I feel like I've been going way overboard with my trades these last couple weeks and my results prove it. Today was good though, I felt like I regained my objectivity again and I can see and think clearly. I'm also feeling a lot more confident with myself.


I came across MDT and I like where it's at right now. It had a nice little shot upward and looks to be in a very tight trading range, about a 1% range for the last few days. Looks like it's "taking a break" before it shoots again. I don't have any intra day data for this guy so I can't really fine tune my entry and stops but whatever my entry is my stop will be 1 point below that if I buy under 57. I'll have an alert go off at 57.08 which could be the starting point of it taking off if it gets to those levels. The low alert will go off 56.70 so I can start looking for a good entry point.


edit: Well, looks like MDT just hit my low for the day post market and is now at 56.56 on just under 150k shares. I'll setup a new low at 56.30 and if it drops below 55.50 I won't touch it anymore



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TSU is basically the same setup. Had a nice move up, and looks to be going neutral or in a resting period. It's also riding some decent resistance at 41 levels so if it can break those I think it'll give it that much more boost to the upside. I don't have intra day data for this either so I'll be setting up alerts to go off to let me know when potential entry points might be present.


I'll have a high alert go off at 40.95 and a low go off at 40. I'll set a stop roughly 1 point below entry just like the MDT setup, depending on if I can get in and at what price.


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Oh yeah, I'll be using now to host my pics as I'm sure there's some people who has to adjust their browser because my pics are so big (to me their small) and it'll help me consolidate all my chart pics and keep them online instead of having 100's of JPEG charts on my PC.

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