Monday, September 17, 2007

Traded LOCM

Traded LOCM for a significant loss today. I got overly excited this morning as I've been waiting all weekend to trade, now that I do trade, I lost money.


Anyway, got in at LOCM around 16.25 and got out at 16.13 both were market orders (I need to stop using those). LOCM looked good, volume was good, then everything went downhill. Then as I sell, I'm watching another stock that I was going to buy before I saw this one, and that stock went up 4.8% in the time that I lost money. It was INSP.


Anyway, here's the chart of LOCM and the rally it had in the morning and then I bought it at it's peak. September has been really really rough for me :(


Chart of LOCM

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