Friday, September 21, 2007

Sept 20th- Setup Recaps

These stocks did ok for the most part. The were was a little rally for the day so that probably helped. Here's a screen shot recap of yesterday and today's action in the same pic. The days are divided by the Black vertical line.



The yellow lines represent key levels from the day before and some for today. You can see how today's action bounces around these levels. Didn't quite break out like I thought it would but it doesn't make sense that it would now that I look at the results. It did however break yesterdays high but couldn't get any higher. I'd like to have seen it keep making consistent higher highs but it didn't have the strength.

CHCG - Candle Last 2 Days_3m 2007-09-21 132151




Text book breakout. Tight consolidation the day before and you can see right out the gate it pierced the key high level of the day before it took off. Some small pullbacks along the way but it stayed strong. Volume also represents the action. The day before it was light and weak, then on the breakout, volume increased heavily. By far the best one of the group.

DRYS - Candle Last 2 Days_1m 2007-09-21 132249



Not much action here. It stayed about neutral for most of the day. Volume is still stable from the day before as well as the action being traded in between key levels from the day before. Couldn't quite break yesterdays high but didn't break yesterdays low either. Neutral for the moment. Maybe it'll show a sign on Monday.

HTV - Candle Last 2 Days_3m 2007-09-21 132333



This guy didn't do too bad. Broke yesterdays high and sustained a nice peak, came back down to ride yesterdays high as support and fell to about the mid point of the day. Volume picked up a little more to account for the price action which is a good thing to see.

 NVDA - Candle Last 2 Days_1m 2007-09-21 132418

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