Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slow Down- Pursing Other Ventures

My blog might be a little slow from now on. I'm taking my money that I trade with and putting it into other ventures. So if you're looking to see what trades I've been making you might be bummed out because there won't be any.image


I'll still post my thoughts on goals, power, knowledge, persistence, passion ,etc. But for the most party my trading career is slowing down for the moment. I'm not completely abandoning trading but when it comes to my interests I seem to learn everything I can and get to a point where I feel I've maxed out what I need to know and move on to something else.


So, when it comes to trading, I feel I have a very strong grasp on the concepts and what's needed to be profitable, why people fail, etc so I want to pursue something else, master it, and move on.


I'm not going to disclose exactly what it is I'm doing but if I feel it's something I can sustain for a period of time like my trading, I might setup another blog. Or create a "personal" blog to log all my activities and ventures.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You say you have "mastered" trading? Come on the great Stevie Cohen says he hasn't mastered trading yet. I assume that you say 'mastered' it, you ve read the books, have a basic understanding of the what to do, tried to do it. Had a few hits, but mainly a lot of misses and no longer want to risk your capital trading because you've reached your puke point and don't want to lose any more money.