Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ZANE: What a Doozy!

The stock I was looking at this morning from yesterday turned out to be a dud. No more power left at the open. However, I did come across ZANE once again and this time we left on good terms. I got in at 3.13 and rode it on its first run to about 3.53 was its high. I held on since it was going up but then it pulled back as profits were being taken from traders. ZANE hit 3.33 and I bailed.

As I'm positing it looks like ZANE is having a second run and quite a run it is. An additional 30% from where I got out. I'm sure a lot of traders are stoked right now, haha. Unfortunately, I got out but I'm definitely happy with a 6.3% return. Thanks ZANE! lol

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